by Lindsay Clark

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released September 21, 2014

Lindsay Clark; guitar, banjo, piano, vocals, arrangements. Mirabai Peart; violin and arrangements Ryan Spellman; drums Willem Joersz; upright bass Sean Ogilvie; electric bass. Recorded by Sean Ogilvie, mixed by Adam Selzer, mastering Bruce Winter, watercolors Miki Saito, design Greta Merrick, back cover photo Mark Mirocha.


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Lindsay Clark Portland, Oregon

Lindsay Clark is a lover of nature and sound who grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


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Track Name: Down in the Water
Down in the water I lay / under the river is clay / for to heal me / I have walked and I am tired / now I can ask for what is mine / in time it will be / CH / A fraying rope has lain coiled / like a snake on the ground / I was afraid to move / CH / A silversword grows from nothing / but rock and ash / Does that mean that I can? / A crimson flower / pierces the sky / and it blooms / as it dies / A savior, savior, savior / CH / I have seen the heavy moon / washing all of us in light / I was not born a fool
Track Name: The Rainbow Sign
I was walking in the moon / I felt my body split in two / My head's a star in the heavens / my feet are earth and mud and rain / Come bring to me what I do seek / but take away what I will reap / There is a scythe in the field / that cuts the roots I laid in the ground / Snow came down like a feather / and thunder quivered at the sound / My mind was dry in the white air / as if there was nothing left to learn / My head's a star in the heavens / my feet are earth and mud and rain / God gave noah the rainbow sign / won't be water but fire next time high / I'll find a strong voice then / and it will loosen me up from shame / I was born among the mountains / so I don't need to be born again / I'd wash my soul in the river / but some souls are made of silt and sand / REF / Every season comes the same / and I know that I cannot change it / but I can settle in the winter / I can plant myself in the spring / And if you see me running / you can embrace the falling rain / for when we run it is because / we have the freedom to stay / REF / And then my head comes back where you are / leave heaven up above in the stars
Track Name: Motherland
What I see here is a motherland / A land I ask to still my restless hands / When I'm breathing I am empty and / when I'm full I'll beg to breathe again / I saw your mother, she was white as stone / I saw my mother and she was just the same / they'll meet in some place bigger than heaven above / where it is warmer, and a river flows, flows, and flows. / I saw my lover and he was dead as bone / I saw your lover and she was live as oak / they'll meet in some place bigger than heaven above / where it is warmer, oh how this vine grows, grows and grows / CH / I cut a person out of my whole life, a person cut me like I was a rope / I saw a morning glory clinging to a stone, as if it curled in need of hope / I'll meet my mother, meet my maker, too, meet my savior / meet myself in the water, see myself in water, / and lead myself through the water / CH
Track Name: Sweetgrass
Our minds are mountains / the dead-ridden pull of winter / a love song I no longer buy / still it sings and yearns for sky / Gold and bind and rip and wind / gold and bind and rip and wind / I am melting in pools on the sweetgrass / I am melting in pools on the sweetgrass / The crick-crack of my limbs in time / light and flake dark craters make / there is a fence in my old mind / through which I breathe love / CH / When I was young I dreamt of pickets and flowers / a rock rose tangled straight in the barrel and the bucket / what rose can quench of a snow that struggles down / in layers, upon this ground / Bent knuckles and through whipped clothes / I was promised I would see the light / famish me of all these wants, / distances and desires / CH / I have sung for years of chicories / will this bring me laughter, will this bring me peace / will it bring me to closure, will it lead me to grace?
Track Name: I Give
Some days, I give and I give and I give / like a moss of ferns, feathered out into the sweet air. / Some nights I cry and I cry and I cry / like a starling on the sidewalk in the summer sky / I once did not know / the name of this ebony beak / I had seen a million times before. / Some days I need and I need and I need / all the sweetest flowers / its their nectar / I am needing, a pink dogwood I beg / to enter in my veins and find me. / Some days I live and I live and I live / till the well has run dry, and the spring / ever elusive, though I live in months / of rain I have yet to find, caches of the holy water. / I need someone like a mirror / to help reflect on my fear, in past days/ I relied on a lake, but a lake is not flesh / Some days I try and I try and I try / to distract myself from the task / between my two hands which hold nothing but all the tools / I need to live fully well until my end. / One day I will die out, like a flicker of light / one among the billion stars at night / and I'll shine down upon the ferns / that cling to trees of old / giving life anew
Track Name: Poets
Gentle is the rose flowing over the road I was told never to stray from / Gentle is the tongue say no more / than what a pebble can silent in a stream / Gentle are the young, why is it I feel so old and done, what have I become? / Trees are in the field I know, were planted long ago / Verses are the air I breathe, paper on the leaves / If my mouth dries like a riverbed I'll lay my head to rest / Gentle are no men, strike a match and leave it behind in the smoky glen / Father clear the brush can I rely on you, like I was told to / I am lucky to have a figure even if it is / sometimes just a shadow / CH / Listen to the words of the poets what they say is true / that the world will end soon / Time arrives on the wind as if it had no care / but to blow there / CH / I almost lost my mother / to the lifting fog but she pulled through / I understand that an angel came but why do they not come for all? / I am torn and ragged / from trying to feel whole / but there is a diamond, a jewel / World of green, burn to black / Mother earth, turn your back / Father sky, rest our souls / down on ash / CH
Track Name: Remedy
God wrote the bible I never saw its light / if I wrote the bible I'd fashion it from mud / for dirt is my savior and water is my blood / I saw a saint whose head was made of stone / for what good are thoughts but to sit upon a throne / I cast them off to winter skies / and blue moons in the night / No worries, no currents / can rob me of whats bare / Night is a gospel, a remedy / I'd rather be true and faithful / I saw smoke burning up above a fire / a signal, a warning, to warn me of the flame / Each day is a burning bush of time gone by / Each day I am filled with thirst for time to stay / Each new day is a given birth, a sun rising / CH / I saw a mirror draped in blooming flowers / how I dreamt you'd travel back and show me / what had changed / CH / I am not yours, you are not mine / I am not yours, you are not mine / I am not yours, you are not mine
Track Name: Robin Song
I saw the brightest orange of spring / A robin told me there is more to come / She flew from air to branch and there she sung / "Although you feel that all is known / your future is not known." / I could not leave your happy home / in ebony and ivory keys and tones / that I hear ring like bells out on the path / of filament and sunken oak and marshes washed in loam. / A hummingbird is smaller than my heart / and emerald beats in rhythm as we part / such tenderness I wish that I could know / like a broken branch is fragile / upon the shaking ground / Evening comes to save me from my fate, / or seal it in the moon as passing grace / a message that I carry on from here / "Be patient for the sky to clear / and see what takes it's place. / I saw the brightest orange of spring / A robin told me there is more to come / She flew from air to branch and there she sung / "Although you feel that all is known / your future is not known."
Track Name: The Dogwood Tree
Nobody sees what I see / how I long to be released / Possibility is what I crave / a truth that may save me. / To the bitter wind I cast / the dogwood white with flower / I believe, in fever, in joy, in laughter / and in misery / Selfish words are within / my reach but I do stay my hand / I wish you'd do the same honor / what is clear and plain as day / CH / I have lived in many truths, / there are some I'm bound to lose / Kindness is a place of peace, / it is within my reach / CH / Oh I believe, oh I believe, oh I believe, oh I believe

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