Home of the Brave

by Lindsay Clark

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We sometimes equate braveness with fighting, but it can also mean surrendering, to yourself, to an emotion or a feeling or thought, and making a commitment to explore that. Opening up to yourself in this way takes courage, and it makes us smarter and wiser and more empathetic, which is what I think we are here for.


released May 18, 2011

Engineered and mixed by Sean Ogilvie at his home in Sellwood, OR.
Mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, OR.

Lindsay Clark (vox, guitar, piano)
Birger Olson (mandolin)
Jessica Wright (alto flute)
Anton Patzner (violin)

All songs written by Lindsay.
Photos by Lindsay Clark.
Design by Greta Merrick.


all rights reserved



Lindsay Clark Portland, Oregon

Lindsay Clark is a lover of nature and sound who grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


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Track Name: All Ye Faithful
ALL YE FAITHFUL Oh come, all ye faithful / Oh come, all ye faithful / River run, down the mountain / River run, down the mountain / Wind sleeps, on the bedrock / Wind sleeps, on the bedrock / Buckeyes speak, all the poisonous eye / Buckeyes speak, all the poisonous eye / Foothills rest on my blossoming lips / Foothills rest on my blossoming mouth / Oh come, all ye faithful / Oh come, all ye faithful / O come, o come / Manzanita burns with the dew / from the morning sprung so clean / Pine trees heave their bunches of three / Needles cling to the mud-broken green / Hawthorne is the healing leaf, berries form my breast beating feet / CH
Track Name: Go To Heaven
GO TO HEAVEN How do I pull through / when the wind never breathes / through the fires, of mercy / as if all were made of trees / a swirling shattered leaf caught inside the ocean deep / Banish me of Gods, banish me of luck / I hunger for triumph over fate / Allah came to meet me in my sleep / said Go to heaven now / take all the branches and rose white, rose light. / The earth is but a maze / that gave us both our names / and gives us back to what remains / Cause if you walk like a petal, but show no thorns / you won't know your closing heart. / Mysteries do never get solved only sit like a stone, like a stone, like a stone (x2) / Why do I not leave / is this bark a maze that I don't mind crawling / A beetle came to me and said, Fly
Track Name: Song for Seasons
SONG FOR SEASONS The seasons of New England are constantly rearranging the wild / retracting vows once made, scattering scree and raspberry seed. / Rain dances an arc of color, stretched across / the twisting arms of the Cape Cod bays. / Thunderstorm, meadowlark, summer storm, wren, robin, tern. / Make in me a love like home, bring me from east to west. / This is an avalanche, mountainside, grass mulching a field of seeds.  / Tulips are damp, just a vessel for change, and all I am. / White drug me along the foothills, out of the snow / poke up the paintbrush and lupine flowers. / CH / Dear spirits of grass and buffalo bone, scrimshaw, the ink of sea and stone: / Hear this prayer of whistling leaves, oaks, the seascape, and coyote moons -/ Go back, go back, go back home. (x2) / Oh my soul, oh my soul (x3) / Make a salve of sorrel, place it on the wounded / Make a salve of leaves, place it on the wounded / Make a salve of sorrel, place it on the wounded / Thunderstorm, meadowlark, thunderstorm, meadowlark, thunderstorm, meadowlark / This year made the Atlantic ocean rest in my palms / wide sargassum seas and chicory flowers take flight.
Track Name: Bound for Glory
BOUND FOR GLORY This land is bound for glory, though I cannot say how / but I believe it true, but I believe it true / Our love must land in ashes, through fire and burn in hell / now I believe in death, now I believe in death. / My fate is wrapped and sold, in this place I'm born, / still I have come so far, still I have come so far. / Thank god the Lord is come / Thank god the Lord is come / Thank god the Lord is come. / You say the grass is greener, but I know the grass is one shade / and I will see it through, and I will see it through. / A cardinal's been chirping, all over this year's sky / telling me that I'm fine, love is held in the eyes / and there's no death in mine.
Track Name: New Light
NEW LIGHT This place has a new light, my feet will dip in the clear stream.  / 'neath the lilies and brambles,  there is a gurgle masking the stones / the deer ought to know this, to toughen the skin is to smooth out the stones.  / A coyote is born in the moon, tongue blossoming dew with the licking of wounds/ we are babies and cubs here, we are adults and wise with brightening of eyes.  / The ocean is wet, we are cold from the wrestling arms of the bay.  / When does this story end now, is there ever an ending to the never ending flow, / of the nature of water, spinning webs with the threads of the dew and the frost. / Take the poison and pin me, to the back of my throat til I call out again. / This is corduroy masking the genes, the jingling wrecking of skin, / that she grew from the snowshoe hares that live on peacefully, / we grew up in peace there, through the fighting and tight belts / we grew up to change.  We are made from the wreck there, / I cut down the pines so I could meet myself here.  / Nature gives me a new grace, I am nothing but love in the youngness of time.  / We will be blessed to die here, the red firs never red as our tongues in a kiss / Our mouths are the ocean, these bodies are kelp and the salt rolls right off, / this is sugarcane growing, in the reeds of the banks of the Mississippi. / The rain pours on a river, the river is the sky, and the sky holds the ground. / I have been open to praying, I believe in the mind is the openness of fields, / no matter what flowers bloom here, I care for the colors and blankness of space, / They will refract, let us blanket the rainbows and lay them to rest.
Track Name: I Am in Love
I AM IN LOVE Red-breasted robin, a white-tailed deer live in peace. / Pine trees heave with sap and earth, swaying close.  / Great-horned owls, springtime come, babies born. / I am in love with the life above, above me. / I am in love with the life above, above me. / Sunlight on a river, monkey flowers, swallowtails. /White-water bridges splinter light, shores white. / Yellow violets, wood sorrel, in Canada I have grown a new heart. / CH
Track Name: Prayers Upon the Mountain
PRAYERS UPON THE MOUNTAIN My lover is a brilliant cloud / that lies upon the riverbed and spreads the lilacs over the hills / with skin so soft the moss of ferns is set, oh set to shame / I lay my head, I lay my head over and over his bed / over and over his bed / he is a pallet made in a rainstorm / so soft and summered and sweet. / Our prayers upon the mountain / were a mystery, we made as one, we made as one. / Come alive, come alive, come alive, come alive. / My mother is a stone I keep / that dams up all the channels of / the rivers that I let run loose, her eyes have known and slept the great white waterfalls, white waterfalls. / I lay my head, I lay my head, over and over her chest / over and over her chest / she is a pallet made in a garden, so soft and slumbered and good. / CH / My heart is made of shade and pines / I close it and l'm free to roam as far as I can roam from here / the flowers are unfolding like the saplings in the early spring / I lay my feet, I lay my feet / over the over the seeds / over and over the seeds / I am a pallet sprung from a new song, so loud and open and new. / Make me open anew (x2) / CH / This land is a great place to know / I want to keep it safe from all the shapes and shifters that we grow / from alpine shadows that were left in winter dark, for far too long / New England brings me colors of the spring the sleeps inside my skin / and wakes up to the sun and lilacs, roses, bluebells, hawthornes and the chirping sound / of rising dawn. / I want to be, I want to be / over and over this land, over and over this land / I am a pallet shaping an old song, so broke and breaking and blue / CH / I am a pallet of change and changing, I don't know how to not let this change me / I am in love and still love you daily, I want to change it and change you and change me / I am a pallet of giving and giveness, I don't know how to not forgive you / I am forgiving and giving you daily we will forgive and forget and begin / I am a pallet of hope and hoping, I don't know how to not be hopeful. 
Track Name: River of Relief
RIVER OF RELIEF I am a river of brambles / I am a river of red blood. / I am a river of conches, / I am a river of mud. / I am a river of relief, / I am the giver of my grief. / I am a river of bluebirds, / I am a river of the sea. / I am an ocean of blackthorn, / I am an ocean of seed. / CH / I am a river of crest-falls, / I am a river of my prayers. / I am a river of thunder, / I am a river of black rain / CH / I am a river made of lilacs / I am the sweet buds blooming / I am a river down to Georgia / I am the springtime blooming.
Track Name: Brushfires
BRUSHFIRES There is no price you have to pay / if you want to wash me down in the river. / I will ask you no alms nor mirth, / sticks and stones, and brushfires, I understand. / REF / Please, do give me hatred, cold and damp / for I am a cave, hollow, with water black. / REF / Go reclaim the mercy of the falls, / from me, I've lived on dregs of water / REF / There is no price you have to pay, / when you go wash me down this stream. / There is no price you have to pay, / when you go to wash me down these rocks.

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