from by Lindsay Clark



Gentle is the rose flowing over the road I was told never to stray from / Gentle is the tongue say no more / than what a pebble can silent in a stream / Gentle are the young, why is it I feel so old and done, what have I become? / Trees are in the field I know, were planted long ago / Verses are the air I breathe, paper on the leaves / If my mouth dries like a riverbed I'll lay my head to rest / Gentle are no men, strike a match and leave it behind in the smoky glen / Father clear the brush can I rely on you, like I was told to / I am lucky to have a figure even if it is / sometimes just a shadow / CH / Listen to the words of the poets what they say is true / that the world will end soon / Time arrives on the wind as if it had no care / but to blow there / CH / I almost lost my mother / to the lifting fog but she pulled through / I understand that an angel came but why do they not come for all? / I am torn and ragged / from trying to feel whole / but there is a diamond, a jewel / World of green, burn to black / Mother earth, turn your back / Father sky, rest our souls / down on ash / CH


from Begin, released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Lindsay Clark Portland, Oregon

Lindsay Clark is a lover of nature and sound who grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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